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Development of Curriculum + Community Enterprise for Restoration Science: A Formative Model for Educational Partnerships


"The Curriculum + Community Enterprise for Restoration Science (CCERS) is an educational model designed to increase the quality and effectiveness of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (STEM-C) education in urban public middle schools through restoration science; increase knowledge and instructional skill of educators who work in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods; and increase public middle school students' knowledge of and interest in STEM-C. The model consists of five interrelated pillars, to create "wrap around" educational programming for disadvantaged urban students in New York City. The CCERS is an example of a complex partnership built upon formal and informal partnerships between universities, foundations, K-12 institutions, community organizations, and cultural institutions primarily from New York City. While the project will generate scientific research, provide educational resources, and contribute to educational research knowledge, an overarching goal is to create a replicable model applicable to other locations in need of restoration science educational projects."