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Designing an NGSS Learning Pathway: How Informal Institutions can Help Teachers Implement the NGSS


"In this article, we describe four steps that science institutions can take to tie teacher professional development to the NGSS and the needs of their local teacher audience. Since 2013, our museum has been building an NGSS Learning Pathway for preK-12 classroom teachers, professional development providers, and district administrators. This pathway allows educators to experience, practice, and reflect on how the NGSS can make science education more relevant and student-centered. The four steps described here were guided by direct feedback from local teachers about the support they need for their own implementation and where they are in the process. We solicit this feedback in the form of exit tickets at the end of workshops, focus groups, and online surveys. Our hope is that this process might serve as a roadmap for other institutions that are building their own NGSS pathway."