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Designing NGSS-Aligned Curriculum Materials


"In this paper, we argue for the characteristics of curriculum materials needed that reflect the vision of the Framework for K-12 Science Education, can develop students' three-dimensional science proficiency, connect to their interests, identities, and experiences, and support teachers in making the necessary shifts in their own practice. We describe the kinds of artifacts students would produce as part of experiencing these new curricula. To illustrate these design features, we describe how these features are embodied in a unit that our team developed and that has been reviewed by Achieve, Inc. Then, we present evidence from studies of materials that partly reflect the new vision because they embody some important aspect of the vision and its core assumptions (Framework, Chapter 2), such as the importance of integrating knowledge and practices, building understanding over time, and promoting equity. Finally, we describe gaps in the evidence base about important curricular features, needed resources for development and implementation, and the kinds of capacities we can build upon but must also develop, in order for all students to experience curriculum materials that reflect the vision of the Framework."