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Grappling with Racism as Foundational Practice of Science Teaching


"While current science teacher education frameworks designed to support high-quality teaching have the potential to promote equitable science learning, they do not substantively engage with how racism organizes science teaching and learning. In this critical qualitative inquiry grounded in critical race theory and sociopolitical perspectives on teaching and learning, I analyzed the contradictions that emerged in science teaching practices that were both intended to support Student of Color science learning and engaged science-specific colorblind ideologies. The critical race theory analysis demonstrated how science teaching practices such as connecting to students' experiences, creating interests in science, representing scientists as role models, and scaffolding doing science maintain unequal racialized power relations between students and science when historical and contemporary legacies of racism are not directly confronted. I also propose a science teaching practice of "grappling with racism" as a possible transformative solution to disrupt racism in and through science teaching."