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The Current State of Scientific Knowledge on Pre-Kindergarten Effects


"Policymakers, practitioners, and research scientists are increasingly interested in understanding what we really know about early childhood programs. This report by The Brookings Institution and Duke University focuses on school-based preschool programs. The report provides a summary of the issues, challenges, and common ground related to preschool implementation. Chapter topics include:
  • Do Some Groups of Children Benefit More Than Others from Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • Do Pre-Kindergarten Curricula Matter?
  • Characteristics of Pre-Kindergarten Programs That Drive Positive Outcomes
  • Universal vs. Targeted Pre-Kindergarten: Reflections for Policymakers
  • The Costs and Benefits of Scaled-Up Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • Challenges to Scaling Up Effective Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • The Promise of Preschool Education: Challenges for Policy and Governance
  • Financing Early Childhood Programs
  • Reframing Early Childhood Education: A Means to Public Understanding and Support

Given the current number of state programs and an increasing interest in understanding how such programs contribute, or not, to children's early learning, a diverse set of scientists reviewed the research evidence. This Taskforce reached consensus on what the science says about the effects of state- and school district-funded preschool programs."