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Combining Assessment Tools for a Comprehensive Evaluation of Computational Thinking Interventions


"Given that computational thinking (CT) is still a blurry psychological construct, its assessment remains as a thorny, unresolved issue. Hence, in recent years, several assessment tools have been developed from different approaches and operational definitions of CT. However, very little research has been conducted to study whether these instruments provide convergent measurements, and how to combine them properly in educational settings. In response, we first review a myriad of CT assessment tools and classify them according to their evaluative approach. Second, we report the results of two convergent validity studies that involve three of these CT assessment tools, which come from different perspectives: the Computational Thinking Test, the Bebras Tasks, and Dr. Scratch. Finally, we propose a comprehensive model to evaluate the development of CT within educational scenarios and interventions, which includes the aforementioned and other reviewed assessment tools. Our comprehensive model intends to assess CT along every cognitive level of Bloom's taxonomy and throughout the various stages of typical educational interventions. Furthermore, the model explicitly indicates how to harmoniously combine the different types of CT assessment tools in order to give answer to the most common research questions in the field of CT Education. Thus, this contribution may lead scholars and policy-makers to perform accurate evaluation designs of CT according to their inquiry goals."