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2017 Video Showcase

The NSF 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase: Research and Design for Impact, showcases innovative work to improve STEM and CS teaching and learning. We invite you to browse the showcase, view the videos and read the informative discussions related to each video.

Over 500 presenters and co-presenters from MSPnet, ARC, CAISE, CADRE, CIRCL, STELAR, and CS10K have shared their videos! Below are the videos submitted by MSP and STEM+C Projects.

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Title: Ethical and Equitable: New Strategies for Supporting Sustainable Research Results

Presenter(s): Bronwyn Bevan, Philip Bell, Pam Buffington, William Penuel

Title: E4Tech: Engaging, Exciting and Empowering Educators through the “T” in STEM

Presenter(s): Lisa Chambers, Kelli Shrewsberry

Title: Working Together: Science Bridges School and Community

Presenter(s): Juanita Chan, Jodye Selco

Title: The impact of A TIME for Physics First in Missouri

Presenter(s): Meera Chandrasekhar, Dorina Kosztin, Douglas Steinhoff

Title: Full Steam Ahead: PD Model for Best Practices in STEAM

Presenter(s): Kristin Cook, Sarah Bush

Title: VELA: Dynamic Activities Advancing Computer Science Concepts For Diverse Student Populations

Presenter(s): Shuchi Grover, Satabdi Basu, Nicholas Jackiw, Patrik Lundh

Title: Assessing Computational Thinking in Making Activities

Presenter(s): Roxana Hadad

Title: nPower Girls: Instructional Strategies for Getting and Keeping Girls Engaged in STEM

Presenter(s): Vickei Hrdina, Sue Bluestein

Title: Partnership to Improve Student Achievement in Physical Science: Integrating STEM Approaches (PISA2) Evidence of Changes in Elementary Science Classrooms

Presenter(s): Kathy Kennedy, Katherine Soriano

Title: Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping Integrated to Unlock Potential (AMP-IT-UP): An NSF Partnership to Cultivate The Next Generation of STEM Innovators

Presenter(s): Jayma Koval, Meltem Alemdar, Sabrina Grossman, Jeff Rosen, Mike Ryan, Marion Usselman

Title: IMMERSION: Mathematical Modeling in the Elementary Grades

Presenter(s): Rachel Levy, Kristi Gaines, Jennifer M. Suh, Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Leanne Yenny

Title: Computer Science, STEM Integration and Teacher Collaboration

Presenter(s): Joyce Malyn-Smith, Anne DeMallie

Title: Citizen Science Research Integrated Across the Curriculum as a Core Learning Practice

Presenter(s): W. Midden, Jodie Hausmann, Dr. Eugene Sanders, Judith Steiner, Dr. Rick Worch

Title: Lessons Learned: Integrating Computer Science in the Elementary Day

Presenter(s): Dr. Lisa Milenkovic, Annmargareth Marousky, Debra Thomas

Title: Spatial STEM+C: Developing Computational Thinking and Mathematical Skills in Children with Spatial Puzzles, Games, and Building Toys

Presenter(s): Steven Moore, Mary Moore, Julieta Perez, Gary Scott

Title: Engineering Design in the Classroom: The EngrTEAMS Curriculum Project

Presenter(s): Tamara Moore, Cynthia Stevenson

Title: Creative Robotics: Broadening Participation Across the Middle School Curriculum

Presenter(s): Karen Mutch-Jones, Debra Bernstein, Michael Cassidy

Title: Research on the Development of Computational and Systems Thinking in Middle School Students through Explorations of Complex Earth Systems

Presenter(s): Gillian Puttick, Jackie Barnes, Michael Cassidy, Abe Drayton, Casper Harteveld, Amy Hoover, Gillian Smith, Eli Tucker-Raymond

Title: LTEC: Learning Trajectories for Integrating K-5 Computer Science and Mathematics

Presenter(s): Katie Rich, Andrew Binkowski, Diana Franklin, Maya Israel, George Reese

Title: The World Energy Simulation

Presenter(s): Juliette Rooney-Varga

Title: Elicitation Questions as part of the Alabama Alliance for Physics Excellence

Presenter(s): Marius Schamschula

Title: Tracking Digital Integration: Researching and Documenting Progress from Interest-Driven Professional Development to Student Engagement within the edMSP STEM Literacy Community of Practice

Presenter(s): Betsy Stefany, Jeffrey Beaudry, Tina Bishop

Title: Using Programming to Teach Mathematical Generalization

Presenter(s): Cynthia Stenger, Jayson Jackson

Title: Inspiring Our Youngest Mathematicians

Presenter(s): April Strom