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MSPnet Academy: Districts Working Together to Support High Quality Mathematics Instruction


Districts Working Together to Support High Quality Mathematics Instruction: Learning from Regionally Based, Cross-District Collaborations
Mary Jo Tavormina, Project Director for West Cook Mathematics Initiative and South Cook Mathematics Initiative
Gudelia Lopez, Senior Program Officer in Education at The Chicago Community Trust
David Foster, Executive Director of the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative
Sendhil Revuluri, Senior Curriculum Developer at the University of Illinois Chicago
Martin Gartzman, Executive Director of the Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education at the University of Chicago
Bret Feranchak, Principal Consultant for Research and Evaluation Logos Consulting Group, LLC

This webinar will examine two related initiatives: the Cook County Mathematics Initiative (CCMI) and the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI). CCMI, now in its third year, involves 32 high-needs school districts in suburban Cook County, IL. It was formed in partnership with a state-funded regional office of education that is typical of similar agencies in most states. SVMI was established in 1996 and involves over 35 school districts in California. CCMI and SVMI are comprehensive initiatives aimed at improving the teaching and learning of mathematics in participating districts and schools. The two initiatives share common elements but have many unique features and organizational structures. The webinar will explore factors that have led to the successful development of regional and district mathematics leadership capacity and teacher leadership that, in turn, support high quality mathematics instruction and assessment. Examining CCMI and SVMI will highlight how small districts can collaborate to find joint solutions to instructional improvement in mathematics as they transition to implementation of programs aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.