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How Logical Is Your Logic Model: Developing Useful and Robust Project Logic Models


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Does your project have a logic model? If so, is it clear from your logic model how and why project activities would lead to the desired outcomes and impacts? To what extent does your logic model serve as a guide for project implementation and evaluation? Does it articulate a testable hypothesis about your project? Does it incorporate a project theory of action? This webinar will address how logic models and theories of action can be used to increase project focus and illuminate important aspects of the project to increase overall effectiveness. Participants will learn about the characteristics of a robust logic model, the importance of engaging key stakeholders in discussions around articulating a project theory of action, how logic models can incorporate the theory of action, and how the logic model can be used to show and strengthen the logical connection between project activities and expected outcomes and impacts. Participants will also learn how a robust logic model can be used as a framework for project evaluation. The content of this workshop is relevant for both new and mature projects. The presenter has used logic models to help clients formulate project concepts at the proposal stage, and to help clients refine implementation and evaluation of projects in later stages.