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Full Webinar Title: Welcome to PowerUp: A Tool for Calculating Minimum Detectable Effect Sizes and Minimum Required Sample Sizes for Experimental and Quasi-experimental Design Studies

This webinar demonstrates power analysis tools that compute minimum detectable effect sizes (MDES) and minimum required sample sizes (MRSS) for existing studies or studies under design. The tools highlighted in this webinar support estimates of MDES or MSSR for 21 different study designs that include 14 random assignment designs (6 designs in which individuals are randomly assigned to treatment or control condition and 8 in which clusters of individuals are randomly assigned to condition); and 7 quasi-experimental designs (an interrupted time series design and 6 regression discontinuity designs that vary depending on whether the sample was blocked prior to randomization, whether individuals or clusters of individuals are assigned to treatment or control condition, and whether the analytic models assume fixed or random effects). The examples from the NSF and IES funded projects are used to illustrate power analysis.