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Professional Development for K-8 Mathematics Educators - Views on MKT & Mathematical Modeling


MSPnet Academy: Professional development for K-8 mathematics educators - views on content knowledge / MKT and mathematical modeling from two MSP projects

Professional development for inservice K-8 mathematics teachers is vital to support teachers’ growth in the field. This webinar will focus on two NSF projects — a STEM-C project emphasizing mathematical modeling and an MSP project supporting teachers in advancing their knowledge about the teaching and learning of middle school mathematics. The STEM-C project engaged K-6 teachers in California, Montana and Virginia in one week of professional development (PD) followed by teacher study groups and a culminating conference. In this webinar we will focus on parallels between the affordances of mathematical modeling in three contexts: professional development, teaching and learning of mathematics. The MSP project was led by community college faculty to build partnerships among Arizona schools/districts and the colleges. Teachers were supported in shifting their thinking about mathematics as a set of skills and procedures to thinking about mathematics as a collection of well-connected ideas that anchors their curriculum and instruction. Participants will leave with ideas about how they can positively impact teachers' relationships with mathematics through professional development.

To learn more about these projects, view their videos from the 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase:
Title: IMMERSION: Mathematical Modeling in the Elementary Grades

Presenter(s): Rachel Levy, Kristi Gaines, Jennifer M. Suh, Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Leanne Yenny

Title: Inspiring Our Youngest Mathematicians

Presenter(s): April Strom